Arabic Keyboard

Arabic Keyboard

Arabic Keyboard

How access in one click?

In your browser click the left mouse button on the title of the website up and maintaining your click the mouse to move to the Favorites Bar, you can also click the start icon at the left of the search bar to add this website to your favorites.

How to copy and paste text in

To copy text written with the Arabic keyboard, simply press the « selectionner » and then press simultaneously the keys « Ctrl » and « C » on your keyboard.
To paste a text go into the area where you want to paste your text (google search fields for example) and simultaneously press the « Ctrl » and « V » on your keyboard

When using is a Moroccan website that offers its users to write Arabic with the mouse, this is very handy when you do not have an Arabic keyboard at hand or where the Arabic language is not installed on the computer, on which we work.
Generally, it is a very short text, one sentence or two for an announcement in Arabic or an internet search.


It is an alternative to the existing virtual Arabic keyboard on the web, based on the observation that people do not like waiting for pages to load, and that it suffers from a general imposed by our dear operators very low flow ( Maroc Telecom, Meditel, and Inwi ) our biggest motivation was to provide a very fast, simple and stylish interface.

It serves not only to write!

In addition to writing, allows searching in Google or YouTube directly without copying the text and then going to Google or YouTube to paste.
It also allows translating written text into the language chosen ( French, English, Italian, German, Spanish ) directly to Google translation.
If you need to write a text in Arabic for an e-mail for example, just write the text and press “selectionner” then Copy and paste the text where you want (if you do not know how to copy and paste see section How to copy the text in tips).

Arrangement of keys on

The arrangement of letters used in is the same as that present on most of the physical keyboards sold in the market (AZERTY ) because the designers of these keyboards have watched over that the most frequently typed letters in Arabic are near to the fingers used when writing, in the design of the virtual keyboard, we had the choice between an alphabetical arrangement or the use by most of the keyboards physical, we opted for the second solution because people usually memorize the location of the keys after some use.
If every time you have ideas or suggestions about this provision do not hesitate to contact us at

Translation in allows you to translate the text you write into five different languages ( English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish ) to choose from the dropdown menu, once you click directly translate new window opens and takes you back to your Google translation translated into the selected language sentence.
If you need another language for your translation, thank you notify us by email at